Ryan Smooth Tarplant

Ryan Smooth Tarplant Open Space Preserve (Preserve) consists of 2 individual mitigation sites within the Edgemoor Mitigation Bank located in the City of Santee. The Preserve consists of 1.44 acres bound to the north by the San Diego River, to the west by Cuyamaca Street, to the south by the Santee Riverview project, and to the east by open space.
San Diego Habitat Conservancy will commence active management of the sites in approximately 2019 after a 5-year restoration program is completed.

History: This open space preserve was required to be set aside as mitigation for construction of the neighboring Santee Riverview project, a mixed residential, commercial, and corporate office complex. The 5-year restoration program consisted of the translocation of approximately 7,500 individuals of smooth tarplant (Centromadia pungens ssp. laevis) from the Santee Riverview project site and seeding with seeds and mulched tarplants taken from the Santee Riverview project site.

Habitat: The Preserve will consist of smooth tarplant as well as other native plant species such as shooting star, dove weed, slender buckwheat, and blue-eyed grass.

Management Duties: San Diego Habitat Conservancy will monitor the Preserve on a monthly basis to observe and document substantial changes in the habitat composition and the need for remedial measures. Trash and non-native, invasive plant species are removed as necessary.

Species of Special Interest: smooth tarplant


Smooth Tarplant
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