Sage Creek High School

Sage Creek High School Open Space Preserve (Preserve) consists of 6.22 acres in the City of Carlsbad, at the northeast corner of the intersection of Cannon Road and College Boulevard, just west of Carlsbad Highlands Ecological Reserve. San Diego Habitat Conservancy (SDHC) expects to commence active management of the Preserve in late 2016 after a 5-year restoration effort is completed.

History: The Preserve was set aside as mitigation for construction of Sage Creek High School. Of the 6.22 acres, 2.2 acres of former agricultural lands are being restored to coastal sage scrub over a 5-year period. This restoration effort also includes translocation of California adolphia (Adolphia californica) to the site.

Habitat: After restoration is completed, the Preserve will consist of 3.60 acres of coastal sage scrub, 1.80 acres of non-native grassland, and 0.36 acre of coastal sage scrub ecotone.

Management Duties: San Diego Habitat Conservancy will monitor the Preserve on a monthly basis during the first year of management and quarterly every year thereafter to observe and document substantial changes in the habitat composition and the need for remedial measures. Trash and non-native, invasive plant species are removed as necessary.
Species of Special Interest: California adolphia, golden-rayed pentachaeta, Palmer’s grapplinghook, small-flowered microseris, small-flowered morning glory, California horned lark, coastal California gnatcatcher, northern harrier, white-tailed kite.

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