Taylor Property

Taylor Property Open Space Preserve (Preserve) consists of 16.39 acres in eastern Oceanside, northeast of the offsite portion of Mission Vista High School Preserve, east of Panorama Ridge Road, north of Northerly Street, and west of Taylor Drive. San Diego Habitat Conservancy (SDHC) expects to commence active management of the Preserve in early 2016 after a 7-year restoration program is completed and approved by the resource agencies. Restoration included translocation of thread-leaved brodiaea, restoration of native grassland (NG) and Diegan coastal sage scrub (DCSS), and creation of wetland.

History: This open space preserve was required to be set aside as mitigation for construction of the Taylor Estates residential subdivision. The project impacted approximately 71 individuals of thread-leaved brodiaea (a federally threatened and state endangered plant species), 6.9 acres of annual grassland, 3.2 acres of DCSS, 1.0 acre of NG, 0.05 acre of southern willow scrub, 0.03 acre of freshwater marsh, and 0.02 acre of streambed. Mitigation for impacts to NG was performed at a 2:1 ratio through the protection of 1.0 acre of NG and the restoration of an additional 1.0 acre of NG. Mitigation for impacts to DCSS was achieved through restoration of 0.12 acre of DCSS and preservation of 10.5 acres of DCSS. Mitigation for impacts to the thread-leaved brodiaea population was achieved through the successful translocation of approximately 57 individual thread-leaf brodiaea plants.

Habitat: The Preserve consists of 10.5 acres of DCSS, 2.6 acres of annual/non-native grassland, 1.2 acres of NG, 0.9 acres of disturbed habitat 0.54 acre of southern willow scrub, 0.4 acre of eucalyptus woodland, and 0.24 acre of mule fat scrub.

Management Duties: SDHC will monitor the Preserve five times a year to observe and document substantial changes in the habitat composition and the need for remedial measures, focusing primarily on the thread-leaved brodiaea population. Trash and non-native, invasive plant species are removed as necessary.

Species of Special Interest: Blochman’s dudleya, San Diego thornmint, thread-leaved brodiaea, coastal California gnatcatcher, least Bell’s vireo, yellow-breasted chat.

Grassland Habitat
Diegan Coastal Sage Scrub Habitat
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